2 day core immunisations HCA's

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the participant will be able to.

  • Ensure that their practice is safe and effective.
  • Know how to provide accurate and up to date information about the relevant diseases and vaccines to their patients/parents/carers.
  • Support individuals to make informed decisions about vaccination.
  • Promote public confidence in vaccination.
  • Recognise when a vaccine is contraindicated or should be deferred.
  • Improve the uptake of immunisation.
  • Know where to request expert specialist advice if required.
  • Deliver a high standard of care including injection technique.
  • Demonstrate competence in vaccine storage and administration


Mandatory information needed according to DH minimum standards for an update.
How communication skills can help the patient with long term conditions make an informed decision about vaccination.
Myths about vaccinations and how to address them to improve uptake rates.
Case Studies-

  • Mavis – Consent, Mental Capacity and Legal Power of Attorney.
  • Peter – has an egg allergy and a needle phobia.
  • Doctor dolittle – Problems with storage and handling.
  • LAIV- nasal flu

New Schedule Case Studies–

  • Demi-Lee with a snotty nose.
  • Paul Brown – Mom requesting inactivated vaccine as she is a vegan.
  • Immunisation technique
  • Introduction to Childhood Immunisations (HCA’s)

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