About us

Why choose MA Training

MA Training was originally created in response to the varying standards and limited opportunities available for Practice Nurses and HCA’s to expand their competency levels. Since then we recognise that the Primary Health Care Team has expanded greatly and we have now increased our training to include Paramedics, Pharmacists, Social Workers, Health Visitors, and GP’s.

What we do

We are proud to deliver unique courses that we have designed and developed to meet the real needs of the Health Professional to enable them to provide quality care for their patients. Unlike many other providers, we view ourselves as partners with our delegates as we are practicing Advanced Nurse Practitioners which gives us an understanding of the training needs in primary care. Our aim is to motivate and encourage our clients to achieve their professional educational goals. With this as our ethos, we are a nationally recognised company that provides high quality packages and bespoke courses and events.

Annette Bradley Advanced Nurse Practitioner, NMC Tutor

Annette would love to teach and practise in a world filled with happy Healthcare Professionals, satisfied patients and staff that bring an abundance of homemade cakes and tea. However, she is also a realist!
As a Nurse and Senior Lecturer with more than 40 years of experience, she has worked in General Practice, Urgent Care, Health Authorities, and the University of Wolverhampton. Now still in General Practice and Director of her own successful Healthcare Training Company.
When she’s not writing or creating courses for Healthcare Professionals, she likes to think she is quite fit. She very often burns up 1000 calories, twice recently she has had a fire in her kitchen caused by her forgetting about the fish fingers and bacon under the grill!
Her first book titled “Practice Nursing – The fulcrum of Primary Care” – Mark Allen Publishing. Her last book will probably be entitled “That’s All Folks!”
Her past achievements include collecting hundreds of sputum pots from patients on the ward, trying to interpret the rate of an IV by numbers on a tongue depressor and pulling a stool away seconds before a prestigious consultant sat down on it!
Her final piece of advice is Do not judge a situation unless you have been in it yourself.
And believe her when she says you name it I have been in it.

Annette Bradley

RGN, BSc(Hons), PgDip, Registered NMC Teacher