MA Training addresses the training void for healthcare professionals, extending beyond traditional instruction. As practicing Advanced Nurse Practitioners, we foster a collaborative learning experience. Our nationally recognized courses, tailored to real-world primary care needs, inspire and empower delegates to excel in patient care.

Real-World Informed Training

Leveraging our experience as practicing clinicians to design courses that address actual primary care challenges.

Collaborative Learning Experience

Building a supportive learning community that encourages interactive engagement and shared growth among healthcare professionals.

Nationally Recognised Excellence

Delivering high quality training that is acknowledged nationwide for its impact in enhancing competency and patient care.

Organisations We Have Worked With

Cultivating Quality Patient Care Through Tailored Education

We are proud to deliver unique courses, designed and developed to meet the real needs of the Healthcare and allied Professional to enable them to provide quality care for their patients. Unlike many other providers, we view ourselves as partners with our delegates as we are practicing clinicians which gives us an understanding of the training needs in primary and secondary care. Our aim is to motivate and encourage our clients to achieve their professional educational goals. With this as our ethos, we are a nationally recognised company that provides high quality packages and bespoke courses and events.
Maximise your training budget
Minimise non-attenders
Increase staff retention
Reduce complaints and incidents
I want to express my gratitude for your exceptional training courses over the last 3 years. The team has greatly benefited from them, and we look forward to future collaborations. Thank you!
Laura-Jane Lloyd Operations Manager - Fylde Coast Training Hub
Our collaboration with MA Training for clinical education has been a success. Delegates found the sessions highly beneficial, well-paced, and confidence-boosting. MA Training's adaptability to diverse training needs and responsiveness to additional requests are commendable
Birmingham and Solihull Training Hub

Meet the Team

Annette Bradley RGN,RM,NMP,ANP,NMC Tutor (PG Dip), NLP Master Practitioner

I see myself as a rolling stone which has gathered a lot of moss. That moss is a result of 42 years in the NHS, 30 years as a senior lecturer and 36 years as a mother and carer.

In my various roles as a nurse, midwife, advanced nurse practitioner, senior lecturer in higher education and co-founder of the Aligned Care Programme I have gathered lots of professional, personal, educational, strategic, and business experience and knowledge.

Some of this experience has been challenging as well as rewarding. I develop and deliver courses which include my experience and knowledge to ensure other healthcare and allied professionals have the knowledge, insight, and tools to be able to avoid or deal with some of the challenges that I have experienced.

I take the passion I have for improving health and wellbeing for both healthcare professionals and patients to many events and conferences around the country speaking about ways that our courses and the Aligned Care Programme make a difference.

Two of my proudest moments? Publishing a book and a patient telling me that because of my consultation skills - I saved his life.

Sami-jo Senior Operations Manager

We chose Sami to work with us because she shared the vision of wanting to make a difference to health care professionals and patients. Largely because she herself has experienced healthcare that could have been delivered in a more effective way as well as having friends who had experienced fragmented care. Sami is just so adaptable and is the I.T right arm of the company. She really cares about the quality of the service we provide and is always eager to help our clinicians and commissioners.

Dr Priscilla Norgren

We met Priscilla on an NLP Master Practitioner course and she was an obvious choice to join our team. She too shares our legacy of wanting to make a difference to patients and clinicians alike. She also shares our passion for providing realistic and appropriate training and teaching using motivational skills the tools to help clinicians really make a difference as well as practising safely. She brings skills such as women's health, sexual health, and contraception as well as paediatrics. Working as a GP also means she is aware of what happens in the real world.

Dr Rohit Sharma

Dr Sharma was chosen for his wit, charm and of course the lovely suit. He has many skills and experience especially around muscular skeletal conditions to add to our team and was very practical and knowledgeable about the world of Primary Care. Annette has worked with Rohit in an urgent care and out of hours setting and was impressed by his consultations with patients and consideration for clinicians.