Adult and Paediatric Minor Illness Diploma

RCN Accredited

Delivered by Blended Learning
Suitable for all Healthcare Professionals who see adult and paediatric patients with minor illness
Adult course component 3 half days and Paediatric course component 2 days live online and 14 hours distance learning course including competencies, portfolio and 2 case studies. 35 CPD points.

Course includes

  • Principles of history taking adult and child
  • Physical assessment of the patient presenting with a minor illness
  • Assessment, diagnosis and management of adults and children presenting with a minor illness
  • The sick child
    • Sepsis- identification and management
    • Red flags

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course Healthcare professionals will be able to;

  • Gain skills in order to structure and manage a consultation in the GP practice and Minor Illness setting.
  • Achieve the knowledge and confidence to take a comprehensive and relevant history from the patient/carer/parent and child.
  • To understand the importance of detecting NAI and safeguarding issues.
  • Discuss evidence based guidelines for managing patients who present with a minor illness.
  • Identify and manage red flags.
  • Learn skills in order to reach a working diagnosis.
  • Gain or revise skills in physical assessment and the different techniques between adult and child examination.
  • Show how they assess, diagnose and manage children presenting with common minor illness.
  • Gain an overview of common problems in the child under 1 so that they know who and when to refer the child.
  • To enable the clinician to assess and manage a sick child safely and competently and know when to refer if necessary.
  • Explore basic knowledge of common minor illnesses in the adult patient, the causes and management.

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