Gift your workforce with our education and training to improve their motivation, confidence and knowledge. Our caring, flexible and supportive team helps to enable you to help them to improve the health and wellbeing of your service users.

  • Maximise your training budget.
  • Minimise non-attenders.
  • Increase staff retention.
  • Achieve objectives of the Long-Term Plan.
  • Reduce clinicians time out of practice.
  • Better accessibility to training for those who are carers, have children and learning or physical disabilities.
  • Improve health outcomes of the workforce and service users.
  • Reduce complaints and incidents.

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Minor Illness

Written and developed for health care professionals who manage patients presenting with a minor illness. The courses are delivered with flexible options including hybrid, online self-taught or live online. We teach a foundation or more in-depth accredited courses.

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These courses not only impart knowledge and learning but feedback has proved that delegates have gained confidence in their consulting.

Courses can be tailored to include your individual organisation and practice needs with no extra cost.

These are some of our most popular courses, suitable for any clinicians working with patients presenting with an undifferentiated diagnosis. The accredited courses include competencies for practice and assessments. *Costs for live face to face may be negotiated.

Adult Minor Illness
(live online and hybrid)

Paediatric Minor Illness
(live online and hybrid)

Adult and Paediatric minor Illness
(live online and hybrid)

Paediatric or Adult Foundation
(live online)

(live online)

Young people (live online)

Older People
(live online)

New GP Contract

A one stop shop for courses, packs and webinars which help practices and clinicians to achieve the indicators set out in the new GP contract and therefore improve patient wellbeing and satisfaction.

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The aim of the training below is to achieve targets for the indicators of the new GP contract whilst improving clinical outcomes and staff motivation.

Learning Disabilities
Half hour webinars which complement the Oliver McGowan mandatory training. This focuses specifically on health checks and includes advice for practice managers, staff, and clinicians.

A revision of the causes, good and bad cholesterol, what the new indicators mean and a workshop on behaviour change specifically looking at ways to help clinicians ask the right questions to encourage patients to modify their risky behaviour.

Improving patient experience and satisfaction
A whole team approach from front door to management of patients no matter what their reason for coming to the practice or pharmacy.

Workforce wellbeing
A short empowering course for anyone working in the NHS who need to explore ways to increase morale, motivation and wellbeing.

Childhood Immunisations
A short update for childhood immunisations including the new changes.

Physician Associates
Minor illness training adults and paediatrics tailored to their role.

Atrial fibrillation
How to detect and manage it early.

vaccination schedule
The new changes to the schedule

Prevention and tackling inequalities
Practical training for Health care worker

Clinical training

We provide introductory courses and updates for clinicians working in Primary Care. The courses build on existing knowledge as well as introducing new developments and guidelines.

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We have been providing clinical training to clinicians and health care assistants for over 14 years. The courses are written, developed, and taught by practising clinicians. This gives relatability and an understanding of what happens in the real world. The challenges and limitations and how to address them safely.

Child, adult, influenza, shingles and pneumonia (including the 2 day core immunisation training).

Basic and update<

not just an injection

Heart Failure

Long term conditions
An aligned care approach


Travel health

Non-medical prescribing

Interpretation of blood results level 1 & 2

Men’s health

Women’s health/menopause<


Remote consulting

Long Term Conditions

A unique training programme for Healthcare Professionals offering a complete approach to managing patients with long term conditions. Taking small steps to improve clinical outcomes. This course offers clinical expertise along with techniques for improving health and wellbeing.

Following the principles of making every contact count.

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The programme covers:-



Acute presentations

Medications and side effects

Relationship establishment

Information gathering

Engaging with behavioural change

Overcoming barriers to change


Adherence and overcoming non-compliance

Planning and outcomes

Having difficult conversations

Self Learning

These courses enable clinicians to continue to update and refresh their knowledge and to address the financial implications of cancelled courses for commissioners we have produced high quality, easy to access, online packages that can be accessed at any time and completed at times to suit the clinician. They will provide the same high-quality information as our live courses and will have different ways of learning and assessing.

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We have been providing clinical training to clinicians and health care assistants for over 14 years. The courses are written, developed, and taught by practising clinicians. This gives relatability and an understanding of what happens in the real world. The challenges and limitations and how to address them safely.

Long term conditions
An aligned care approach

Travel health

Why choose MA Training

We are a small company which enables us to be able to make quick decisions, modifications and implement changes. We are flexible and adaptable, and our skills mean we can easily explore alternative ways of delivering your courses if need be.

Our extensive teaching experience means that we can think on our feet and make changes whilst delivering a session. If it is evident that we need to modify and tailor the session to a particular group, we can do so whilst still working towards the learning outcomes.

We continuosly improve the quality of our training and education, commissioner and delegate journey and our customer care.
We deliver a diverse range of programmes that will be appropriate across the entire healthcare sector which provide your healthcare professionals with clinical skills, critical thinking techniques and structures that will enable them to perform their roles to a higher standard and improve patient care and staff motivation.