Emotional Resilience Workshop

Annette and the MA team would like to invite you to join us for a free workshop live online to help boost our emotional resilience.




Tuesday 12th December 2023


12pm till 2pm



About The Course

Jo Creed - trainer in behavioural change and communication skills, has kindly offered to deliver this excellent session, so gift yourselves these 2 hours to re- charge your batteries - you deserve it!

This building emotional resilience workshop encompasses the keys to building your resilience and handling the challenges of your work and social pressures. We will discover the interlinkage between stress and resilience and the significance of this connection and discover effective approaches to address the root causes of stress.

You will come away with the enhanced ability to build and maintain your emotional resilience and increase your capability to survive, and indeed thrive in an environment of change or uncertainty Learning how to make small changes for big results, the tools covered will increase your effectiveness, productivity, and ability to manage your work/life balance.

What You Will Learn

Understanding the Stress-Resilience Connection
Identifying Root Causes of Stress
Enhancing Emotional Resilience
Implementing Small Changes for Big Results

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Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.