Leading the Impact on Health Inequalities

This one day live online event provides leaders, managers, GP partners, organisational heads and commissioners the opportunity to step back from day-to-day pressures and gain new insight into how they can make a substantial reduction in the health inequalities in their communities.

There is a buzz of activity within organisations in the NHS and Social Care to get the infrastructure in place to address and reduce inequalities in health in the UK.

Yet is it right to wait until that infrastructure is in place before we start to make the difference that needs to be made?

  • Is it just the infrastructure that needs to change or is it also about the fundamental culture within our organisations that need to align with the vision to reduce inequalities?
  • Isn’t now the ideal time to upskill our leaders and front-line staff so they are equipped to holistically deliver their services and interactions with this aligned culture?

By reviewing the fallen hurdles of past inequality initiatives, sharing ideas and best practice this event provides a safe forum to brainstorm ideas that can work at a grass roots level. You will come away with clarity on how you can lead the change, an expanded support network and an array of tools to take away with you to help you overcome future challenges.

Summary of items to be covered

  • The real-life impact of inequalities on mental, social and physical health.
  • What stops people engaging with health and social care facilities in their area and taking ownership of their own health outcomes.
  • Brainstorming and sharing ideas including what has worked and where previous projects have fallen down.
  • Identification of the gaps between NHS strategy and implimentation at the operational level and see how/if these gaps can be overcome.
  • Understanding your own leadership responsibilities and the support you need.
  • Why the lack of person-centre care widens the inequality gap and how to overcome the challenges of person-centred care.
  • The underlying factors that cause the challenge of people in your organisation not being committed to change.
  • Tips to combat the issue of partnership organisations prioritising conflict of interest and how to optimise communication.
  • How to identify the steps needed for cultural change.
  • Identifying the key issues behind staff retention and motivation.
  • Paucity of training for staff and clinicians and how this can be addressed.

What you will come away with

  • The benefits of a safe forum to brainstorm ideas.
  • Ideas and future ways of working that can work at the grass roots level.
  • Clarity on how you can lead the change required in your organisation.
  • An expanded support network.
  • An array of tools that can help you overcome many of the challenges surrounding health inequalities in your area.
  • Learn from the experiences and knowledge of the following speakers:-

Speakers and Facilitators

Special guest speakers to be announced

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“Many of the tools and strategies offered are a revelation; powerful agents for change that are almost magical in their simplicity.”

– Dr Priscilla Norgren, GP