Interpretation of Blood Results (Advanced)

About the course

A stimulating online session delivered by Dr Rohit Sharma from a state of the art virtual classroom. This course was a great success when delivered last year. It is very interactive, with exercises to complete, discussion with your peers, a quiz and a little dash of humour.

Our courses are all easy to follow and taught in a way that any Practitioner can understand. Feedback from previous courses has been excellent.

The aim of the session is to teach the importance of requesting the correct blood tests so that the results will help you when diagnosing or reviewing a patient. You will also learn the importance of the interpretation of those results.

Suitable for

Any Healthcare Practitioner that requests or interpret blood tests in Primary Care.

Programme includes

  • Summarise the rationale for ordering the most common radiography, in-house and laboratory tests.
  • Using short case studies demonstrate how to interpret the most common blood tests and laboratory tests
  • Justify the reason for ordering radiography tests.
  • Use results to titrate or change medication.
  • Explore how results can aid decisions about clinical management.


Assessment questionnaire and certificate