10.15am Daljit Singh – Fever

DaljitĀ is a 53-year-old Asian gentleman whose son telephones the surgery. His father speaks little English, his son reports that his father has had a fever overnight, his breathing was shallow.

He says that his Father has developed a productive cough but is unsure of the colour of phlegm. He has a headache and seems a bit confused.

He has a history of hypertension but has not taken his medication this morning.

He has not eaten for 2 days and has only taken a small amount of fluids this morning. He is not passing much urine.

He has no haemoptysis, has not been abroad, non smoker.

Observations – Son has thermometer, BM machine.
temp 38.7, rr-18., BM 5-5, Pulse 96, BP 96/54.

With this information start to think of any differential diagnoses.