About this course

Welcome This course has been developed by Priscilla (GP) and Annette (ANP) with the aim of increasing your knowledge, confidence and competence when consulting with children. This is a unique way of learning which combines self learning with live online learning and support.

“In putting together this course to develop confident consultation and management skills in paediatric minor illness we have tried to include conditions and topics that are the most common in the care of children in primary care, or particularly significant for other reasons, or both. 

It would be overwhelming for you if we included everything we could do, so there will inevitably be gaps and omissions.  We would like this course to be a starting point for your ongoing learning and ours also, and so hope you will feel able to bring us any questions about the content and materials as you go along.” Dr Priscilla Norgren.

We understand that this kind of learning may be new to you. If you have any technical issues please email Sami-Jo at sami.jo@events.matrainingenterprise.co.uk