Risk Assessment

The learning objectives of this section are:

• To understand what pre-travel risk assessment is and the benefit for the traveller
• Understand the practical application of carrying out a risk assessment
• Explore how to access information for management and assessment

Below are things that could cause added risk when travelling to India. On the list below think about what else you could add and how this differs from the trip you have chosen?  

Potential riskWhat are the possible risks?
Risks associated with destination – India. 
Rural areaNo access to medical services
Risk of bites, no access to clean water
Infectious diseases
Staying in hotelFood poisoning
Pool accidents
Alcohol excess, all inclusive
HolidayLack of inhibitions
Read the small print to find out if they are covered for what they are going to be doing.
Different countries have different cleansing chemicals to England and so it can upset your tummy and that can spoil a holiday. So giving advice about water is not just to prevent disease but to prevent gastrointestinal problems in general.
DiabetesControl of blood sugar
Running out of medication
DisabilityAccess problems  
Mental HealthWorsening MH
Lack of medication stressful
No inhalers/running out
ArthritisWorsening pain/more walking
Forgetting medication
Controlled drugs
Infectious Diseases associated with IndiaMalaria

Task – With your destination in mind and the activities you have planned – look at your risk assessment form and fill it in. Think about how you can reduce the risks for yourself in your destination.