S1 end – Did You Know…??

So to allow you to take a breath (see what I have done there 😊) before moving on to our next section on conditions affecting the brain, here are some brain-related fun facts for you to consider: 

Brain development in babies is happening at an incredible rate.  Tens of thousands of synapses are being added every second.  If a baby’s body were to grow at the same rate as their brain, the average infant would weigh about 12 stone/77kg at 1 month of age. 

A child’s brain development doesn’t really slow down until they are in their twenties.  Do you know what percentage of adult size a child’s brain will have reached by the age of 2? And how old are they when the brain reaches its full size? 

90% of children are born right-handed.  Do you know in what country there are more left-handed people than in any other country in the world?