Trigger Factors

Possible triggers could be spicy foods, caffeine, smoking and alcohol.

Cool! You can also suggest light clothing, a fan in the room and there are also cold pillows available – amazing.

Mood Disorders

  • Limited evidence showed that psychological therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapies may be effective for low mood
  • CBT, isoflavones and red clover were found to significantly reduce anxiety – due to the lack of knowledge regarding the safety of herbal remedies, CBT is preferred
  • SSRI or SNRIs should not be used as first line treatment for low mood for women in the menopause who are not diagnosed with depression
  • adequate sleep, regular physical activity and relaxation exercises may help.

Sleep disturbances

  • Avoiding exercise late in the day and maintaining a regular bedtime

    Vaginal Dryness

  • You can suggest a vaginal lubricant or moisturiser, such as Replens MD®