Welcome To Adult Minor Illness: A Personalised Approach


This course has been developed with the aim of increasing your knowledge, confidence and competence when consulting with adults and experience the concept of personalised care.

This is a unique way of learning which combines self learning with live online learning and support.

We understand that this kind of learning may be new to you. If you have any technical issues please email Sami-Jo at sami.jo@matrainingenterprise.co.uk

When using this platform please ensure you click the (Mark Complete) button at the bottom once you’ve completed the lesson or topic on both the online AND the workbook if applicable. Otherwise you can still navigate through the course.

There will be ongoing online forum drop in sessions on the first Thursday of every month 12.30-2 (unless a bank holiday) a link will be sent to you for zoom.

The course is in two parts, here’s the outline for Part 1:

Part 1

Section 1 – Introduction to the course

Section 2 – Respiratory

Section 3 – Ear, nose and throat

Section 4 – Chest pain.

When you have completed part one send a copy of your workbook to Annette@matrainingenterprise.co.uk and once it has been reviewed the second part will be made available.

You should identify a supervisor to support you and share information with. Your supervisor will be asked to complete a short reference about your discussions at the end of course.