Elevate Your Organisation with Our Training Solutions

Gift your workforce with our education and training to improve their motivation, confidence and knowledge. Our caring, flexible and supportive team helps to enable you to help them to improve the health and wellbeing of your service users.
Maximise your training budget.
Minimise non-attenders
Increase staff retention
Meet long-term plan goals
Reduce clinicians time out of practice
Enhance training accessibility for carers, parents, and those with disabilities.
Enhance health outcomes for all
Reduce complaints and incidents

Why Choose MA Training?

Our extensive teaching and clinical experience means we can adapt and adjust our training to meet the needs of individual organisations and delegates. We continually improve and update our training to meet current healthcare policies and help empower healthcare and allied health professionals with essential skills, critical thinking and motivation, ultimately enhancing patient care.
Your training courses at the Fylde Coast Hub have been invaluable over the past three years. The team's responsiveness and high-quality courses make working with you a pleasure. Looking forward to future collaborations!
Laura-Jane Lloyd Operations Manager - Fylde Coast Training Hub
We partnered with MA Training to provide clinical staff training. Delegates found the sessions highly beneficial, with a comfortable pace that boosted their confidence. MA's flexible team tailored content to our diverse needs
Sylvianne Thorpe Birmingham and Solihull Training Hub

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Our Commissioning Offerings

Our customised course commissions empower your workforce to excel in patient care. We prioritise cost-effective training and help improve staff retention, all in line with your objectives. Our courses are designed for accessibility, the times of the courses accommodate those with schoolchildren, carers and those with physical or learning disabilities. We aim to provide courses that improve health outcomes, reduce complaints, and keep clinicians safe. Contact us to discover how our commissioning services can upskill your healthcare teams.
Minor Illness
These are some of our most popular courses, suitable for any clinicians working with patients presenting with an undifferentiated diagnosis. The accredited courses include competencies for practice and assessments.
  • Adult Minor Illness
  • Paediatric Minor Illness
  • Adult and Paediatric minor Illness
  • Paediatric or Adult Foundation
  • Musculo-skeleta
  • Young people
  • Older people
New GP Contract
A one stop resource for courses which help practices and clinicians to achieve the indicators set out in the new GP contract and therefore improve patient wellbeing and satisfaction.
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Cholesterol
  • Improving patient experience and satisfaction
  • Workforce wellbeing
  • Childhood Immunisations
  • Physician Associates
  • Minor illness training adults and paediatrics tailored to their role
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • How to detect and manage it early
  • vaccination schedule
  • Prevention and tackling inequalities
  • Practical training for Health care worker
Clinical Training
We have been providing clinical training to clinicians and health care assistants for over 15 years. The courses are written, developed, and taught by practising clinicians. This gives relatability and an understanding of what happens in the real world. The challenges and limitations and how to address them safely.
  • Immunisations
  • Venepuncture
  • B12
  • Heart Failure
  • CHD
  • Travel health
  • Non-medical Prescribing
  • Blood results
  • Men's and Women's Health
  • Remote Consulting
Long Term Conditions
A unique training programme for Healthcare Professionals offering a complete approach to managing patients with long term conditions. Taking small steps to improve clinical outcomes. This course offers clinical expertise along with techniques for improving health and wellbeing. Following the principles of making every contact count.
  • Diagnosis and reviews
  • Acute presentations
  • Overcoming barriers to change
  • Examinations
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Relationship establishment
Self Learning
We have produced high quality, easy to access, online packages that can be accessed at any time and completed at times to suit the clinician. They will provide the same high-quality information as our live courses and will have different ways of learning and assessing.

Our Journey With You

It is the policy of MA to provide our commissioners with the highest level of customer service, and we are committed to exceed your expectations by providing you with timely professional and courteous service. To ensure this happens we have devised the following customer journey.
Discovery and Assessment
You find us and we help figure out your training needs.
Training Proposals
With the needs given to us we provide proposals for the training and with feedback reach an agreed training package.
Pre Course Contact
We stay in contact running up to courses and help with managing delegates and continuing to develop other needs as they arise.
Courses Provided
During courses we produce reports on the course, students and reflections and provide any feedback we receive from delegates.
Training Reports
You receive reports on the training outcomes, including attendance, any issues with delegates and all feedback we receive. We manage certificate production and distribution.

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At MA Training, our customized course commissions empower your workforce to excel in patient care. We prioritize cost-effective training, reducing absenteeism, and enhancing staff retention, all in line with your objectives. Our courses are designed for accessibility, accommodating carers and individuals with disabilities. Through our commissioned courses, we aim to improve health outcomes, reduce complaints, and keep clinicians active in practice. Contact us to discover how our commissioning services can elevate your healthcare team.
What happens if we do not have enough nurses to commission a full course?
If we have a public course planned you can commission single places. If we do not have a public course we can send out to our existing commissioners to see if they are able to commission share.
Can our nurses/allied professionals attend without a camera or microphone?
We stipulate that a camera and microphone are needed. This is because the courses are interactive with breakout rooms. It is unfair to other delegates to try to work with someone who can only communicate in the chat. It is also difficult to teach delegates who we are unable to see or hear.
Some of our health professionals have dyslexia. How do you accommodate them?
If we are aware before the course date we assess their individual needs. We send out slides so that they can have more time to read through them. We make allowances in an assessment situation. We use concept checking to ensure that they understand before moving on. We are mindful of using colours on our slides to be easily read.
What happens if one of our health care professionals is unwell or has a last minute clinic?
We can accommodate them on another iteration of the course for no extra cost. We are always happy to discuss a solution for them.
Can we choose the dates and times of courses we commission?
We are happy to accommodate your request if possible. We can deliver courses in the evenings or weekends if you prefer.
What if the course has not included what our healthcare professionals need?
We ask for individual learning needs when delegates register. All of our course leaders ask at the beginning of the course about what delegates want from the session. There are also lots of opportunities to ask questions. We are happy to discuss any issues and will try to ensure delegates get what they need.