Seasonal Immunisations Update

This update for 2021 will be taught in a different, innovative way with the patient at the centre of the session. We will use a problem-solving approach with the aim of improving patient care.

Using the House of Care model (NHS 2019) focussing on personalised care


Mandatory information needed according to DH minimum standards for an update.

How communication skills can help the patient with long term conditions make an informed decision about vaccination.

Myths about vaccinations and how to address them to improve uptake rates.

Case Studies-

  • Mavis -Consent, Mental Capacity and Legal Power of Attorney
  • Peter – has an egg allergy and a needle phobia.
  • Doctor dolittle – Problems with storage and handling.
  • LAIV- nasal flu
  • New Schedule
  • Demi-Lee with a snotty nose
  • Peter Brown – Mom is requesting inactivated vaccine as she is a vegan.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of our online Childhood Immunisation Update, you will:

  • Know the different types of vaccines for children,
  • Know where to access the current immunisation schedules for children. Including incomplete and unknown vaccine status
  • Understand the recent changes to the UK childhood immunisation schedules,
  • Recognise when a vaccine is contraindicated or should be deferred.
  • Be able to address parental concerns, myths and questions,

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