Exercise : A holistic approach

This exercise is for you to reflect on a recent consultation that you or a relative have attended as a patient.  Looking at the statements below score 1 point if the statement reflects that consultation.. (this principle can also be used to assess the consultations that you are delivering as a health care professional)

Score 1 point for each of these statements if they apply to your consultation as a patient

  1. You were treated in a holistic way including physical, mental, and social needs being considered.
  2. As a patient you were asked what you already understood about the problem you were presenting with.
  3. The consultation made you feel confident that the care and support you received delivered what mattered most to you?
  4. As a patient you were able to access or were given information and advice that was clear, timely and met your individual needs?
  5. You felt that you  were listened to and understood in a way that built a trusting and effective relationship.
  6. You felt that you received a coordinated approach that was transparent and empowering for you as a patient.

How many points did you score?

The number of points that you scored reflects how much your consultation was  personalised and holistic, the more points scored the more you received an holistic approach to care.

Now consider what would have made a difference for that consultation to be better or if your score was high- what was the difference that made the difference?

With this in mind we are going to look at what the benefits can be when using an Aligned holistic approach with patients.