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Any statistics used in the course are subject to the statement below.

Travel and tourism statistics are usually based on the results of the International Passenger Survey (IPS). Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the IPS survey was suspended in March 2020. Published figures for April to June 2021, are based on administrative sources and modelling.  

This learning tool is for updating your existing knowledge not to equip you for a new role.

The updated RCN guidance Competencies: Travel health nursing: career and competence development (2018) provides information on current guidelines and standards of care for travellers and describes the standards of care expected for; a competent nurse, experienced/proficient nurse and a senior practitioner/expert nurse working at that level.

For NMC Revalidation purposes, you should be aware of your own competence levels and maintain the necessary skills for your level of practice. Royal College of Nursing (2018) Competencies: travel health nursing: career and competence development, London: RCN. 

A common question when talking about consultations is ‘how long should an appointment be?’ Often different clinicians are given different amounts of time.

The RCN have advised the following on appointment guidance.

“it would be unsafe to allow only 10 or 15 minutes for a new travel appointment. A minimum of a 20-minute consultation appointment per person should be allowed to exercise best practice.

Travellers with more complex needs – such as backpackers or individuals requiring malaria prevention advice relevant to their destination – may need a longer consultation time”

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