Case study

Case Study
Carl is a 28 year old who has booked a holiday to India. He has a history of anxiety and depression. He takes the following medication.
·      Quetiapine – Anxiety
·      Medikanet – ADHD
·      Sertraline – Depression
·      Co-codamol – Back pain
·      Doxycycline – Chest infection
·      Salbutamol Inhaler – Asthma

He has self-harmed in the past and attended a detox clinic 2 years ago for alcohol.

Thinking about Carl, think about and identify any issues which you may need to discuss with him.

Write them in the box below.

Let’s examine the issues in this consultation.

We should make Carl aware that attitudes to mental illness vary between countries and in many, severe stigma and discrimination exist.

Access to Mental Health services and medication may be very limited in some destinations, he may need help to find what he needs to do.

 Access the following site and identify the requirements for India; 

Q What are the potential hazards that could affect Carl?

A Severe air pollution is a major hazard to public health and Carl is asthmatic

Q What are the regulations regarding Alcohol

A This can vary from state to state. Consumption or possession of alcohol in prohibited states can lead to arrest without bail and charges which carry a sentence of 5 to 10 years

Q What are the regulations regarding smoking and E cigarettes

A Smoking is banned in public places, with the exception of airports, hotels and restaurants with designated smoking areas. E-cigarettes and related products are banned. You will be unable to buy e-cigarettes in India or bring them into the country.

Q What are the regulations regarding Drugs

There is a minimum sentence of 6 months for possession of small amounts deemed for personal consumption only. A 10-year sentence for possession of other amounts applies.