Different perceptions

One of the fundamental things we need to grasp if we are to take a new approach to our consultations and implement an aligned and personalised approach is that we all have different perceptions of a situation. That sounds obvious doesn’t it and yet how many times have you looked at someone’s behaviours and unconsciously (or even consciously) found yourself struggling to see the logic behind it and feeling like it is obvious that the behaviour needs to change?

The more we can step into the other person’s shoes and have respect and curiosity for what the underlying components that make up their perception of reality are, the more they will feel respected and listened to. This also means that we can potentially help them identify the underlying blocks to making change and amplifies our ability to see the person and not just the condition.

The following video details how our perception of reality is formed, It shows that what may be obvious to you may not be obvious to others and how our version of reality impacts our emotions, physiology and behaviours.