Itinerary with Travel Agent

The holiday is booked, and you are counting down the days until you go. I have chosen India and am looking forward to an opportunity for rest and relaxation and a chance to look at the sights of India – the Taj Mahal, cheap handbags and to learn about Indian culture.

Look in the materials for a link to download a travel risk assessment form (developed by Jayne Chiodini), so when you are looking at managing the risks associated with your trip you can fill in the forms as we go along.

There’s also a link to Jane’s website which is an excellent source of information, documents and courses.

Country of  origin – The relevance of this will be discussed during the course.

Medication – We are going to look at this in more depth including the significance of being on contraception, HRT, steroids.

Information – About the trip.

Your chosen trip (mine is India)

Now write down all of the activities and information about your holiday . Jot down what you fancy doing on your holiday. (Sightseeing, backpacking, sunbathing, extreme sports, drinking, eating, swimming etc.)

TASK: From this information, complete a full travel risk assessment form (ideally your patient will have been given or sent this to fill in before the consultation).

Once you have completed your own risk assessment form, you can keep it in front of you while undertaking the rest of the course.