Learning Etiquette

To enable you to get the most out of the course we encourage you to read the following course etiquette.

Online learning etiquette

As the home and workplace are beginning to merge into one, the boundaries between our personal and professional lives have also started to mix up. With an increase in remote working, we are being introduced to a lot of new ways of learning.  Having to learn new technology, systems, and ways of participating online.

We have provided this etiquette so that your learning experience can be maximized. Making it both enjoyable and useful. 

1. Please do not multitask.

This course can be studied at a time or place at your convenience. It is still important for you to give yourself time and privacy to get the most from the course.

This online course requires you to be focused and alert. We ask you to not indulge in other tasks which are not relevant to the course where possible.

2. Notifications

We understand that it is quite easy to forget while working from home to turn notifications off on your mobile as it is not very habitual compared to when you walk into an actual course room. Turning off notifications of your system and mobile will allow you to not get distracted.