Menopause the reality – case scenario – Tanya

I was just feeling so proud when watching my twin daughters’ graduation. It was 5 years ago, I was 51. I was able to take a promotion at work and enjoy my free time in between.

But then 2 months later I started forgetting things. Little things at first: ‘what did I come in here for?’ Oh yes, I put the eggs on to boil an hour ago – the pan is ruined, so are the eggs.’ I had to re-read pages of books because I couldn’t remember what had happened since the last time I read (just yesterday). I forgot the fishfingers and had a street full of hunky fireman (not so bad) putting the fire out. I found my cucumber in the freezer and my keys left in the car!

Then the exhaustion started to hit, too. I’d fall asleep in front of my computer, fall asleep mid way through a book. I bought things from Amazon as I fell asleep my finger would press buy! My driving suffered too. I’ve always been good at parking but even that became a problem.

Then my mood swings were uncontrollable. I would go from the ideal employee and wife to an angry monster for 3-4 days a month.

My daughters could not understand what had happened to their mom, we were regularly at loggerheads. I feared I was ruining our relationship. My husband took to sleeping in the spare bed and I could tell he was avoiding me.

I really thought I was losing my mind or had early onset altzeimers. Then it became too clear what was happening. My periods became shorter but heavier over the next year.

My employer suggested I saw my GP and ‘get a grip’ I went to see a GP to find out more…..