Other risks

Around 1% of children who ride on amusement parks, fairs and carnivals require hospitalisation and the injuries may vary from mild to serious. Parents can be reminded that safety features should be used, such as helmets and seat belts etc.

As those who have had children know, they can get lost and it can happen when visiting shopping malls, airports, amusement parks or any busy area. Virtually every child is reunited and usually within a matter of minutes. For children it can be extremely frightening. So prepare them as to what to do should they get lost, for instance, arrange to meet at a certain place if separated.

Road traffic accidents and drowning incidents are the leading causes of death in child travellers (WHO, 2015; WHO, 2012)

Small, mobile and inquisitive toddlers who have limited hygiene awareness, put fingers in mouths and touch everything. This leads to increased risk of faecal orally transmitted illnesses and dehydration.