Patient 1

Patient 1 lives with arthritis which causes chronic pain and fatigue. Because of chronic pain they said that they are limited when they want or need to go shopping. They used to like to spend a whole day looking round shops. Now they must think of the drive, they cannot drive very far without pain. They can only manage one or two shops so must prioritise what they can buy. When asked about using a mobility scooter they felt a stigma around doing that and that access to some shops was difficult.


Imagine you are going shopping for the day tomorrow. Make a list of what food you need to buy for the next week and what shops you would like to look around to buy clothes and shoes for an upcoming holiday. You may also want to think about how far away the shops are and how you would normally get there.

Now imagine that you only have 2 hours for getting there, shopping and getting back home. Cross off from the list the things you would not be able to buy or do in that amount of time. How does this make you feel?