Patient 3

Patient 3 suffers from emphysema and asthma she cannot walk more than a few yards before having to rest and she is often frightened when she feels she cannot breathe. This means that wherever she goes it takes her a long time to get there and she must really think and plan how and when she is going to get to places and if and when her daughter can take her.


a) Look at your schedule for tomorrow. Now imagine if your daughter/carer could only take you to the shops at 10am how will that impact your day? 

b) Try walking upstairs whilst breathing in and out of a straw (only if you are fit and well, stop if it causes pain or discomfort)

c) When you are walking somewhere try stopping for a few seconds (sit if you can) and then carry on. Repeat this for the whole journey. What impact does this have on your time?