Physical Examination

Barbara has a swollen knee. The slides below show joint examinations in general. The normal rule of thumb is to examine the joint below and the joint above the problem joint.

On examination

Blood pressure is 150/95

heart rate is 90

respiratory rate is 14.

She is in no acute distress, and examination of her head, neck, eyes, and ENT is unremarkable. She has an intermittent expiratory wheeze, but normal work of breathing. Her cardiovascular exam is unremarkable.

There is no oedema in her ankles or knees.

On examination you find scattered non-painful Heberden’s nodes on hands, Hip range of motion is normal, there is no sacroiliac or trochanteric tenderness.

She has tenderness on palpation of the medial joint lines of both knees, worse on the right. There is a trace effusion of the right knee, none on the left.

She has full ROM of both knees with some stiffness; crepitus is noted on the right.

The following video demonstrates examination of the knees.

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