Practice Cases

As you work through this digital part of the course you will come across sections of case examples taken from real clinical practice. You will find them in the sections marked “Practice Cases”. 

Most of the cases will start with notes made during an initial telephone triage consultation and be followed by the clinical notes from the clinician and patient in a face to face appointment; some cases may be just the telephone triage record on its own.

The information is not complete or flawless, it comes from actual casenotes made by clinicians in less than perfect primary care settings! We would like you to use these cases as a basis for thinking around the information you have been working through and how it applies in clinical scenarios. 

The best way to build your confidence is to get you to think independently and come to your own conclusions. Therefore we have let you make the decisions for managing each case to help develop and trust your own problem-solving abilities.

Take the opportunity to discuss these cases with a colleague or mentor and there will be space for you to make some notes of your thoughts and questions.  We are particularly looking for you to think about the wider “non-textbook” issues around patients and their clinical presentations.

The diagram above shows a simple decision making tool to get you started. Don’t forget tools are there to guide you not to replace your clinical decisions.