Switch on your computer and grab a coffee

Whilst you are drinking your coffee I am going to introduce Section 5 of the course.

This will be a typical day at work. You have a clinic, patients and all the other stuff which comes with it.

This part of the course is all about you! Your decisions, your thinking processes and your choice of how to manage the patients in your consultation.

There are no right or wrong answers as long as you cause no harm!

You will have received a workbook – and yes it is supposed to be empty. This is for you to document your consultations from your clinic. This will be used to assess your management of the patient as well as your documentation.

Just think of those who are marking your workbook as clinicians who are seeing the patient after you and need to know what has been discussed, managed, treated etc.

Don’t forget safety netting!

Challenge : To drink at least one cup of coffee throughout the day before it goes cold!