T5 – Some further information

Note about steroids 

The evidence for benefit of giving oral prednisolone in the pre-school wheezers group is not very robust and repeated use can have significant impact on for example growth and bone density. Therefore we should consider carefully whether to give steroid courses in this age group, particularly if they are well enough to be managed at home.   

Prednisolone is less likely to be useful in the under 5yrs group if their oxygen saturations in air have remained above 92%, and they have demonstrated only mild to moderate respiratory distress. 

Further information 

You may have heard of FeNO testing (fractional exhaled nitric oxide) for asthma, especially where the diagnosis is uncertain.  It is not yet available everywhere, but if you are interested here are a couple of links to some more information about it: 



Both Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation are good resources for more information generally, both for health professionals and patients, so here are the links to the main sites: