Travel in post COVID -19 Coronavirus pandemic period

*Please be aware that Covid restrictions can change anytime. You should advise patients to refer to

Which countries are lifting Covid restrictions?

With the increase in immunity, a lot of countries have been lifting covid restrictions entirely or easing them for visitors and tourists. This includes many European countries such as the United Kingdom, Norway, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Spain as well as other countries around the world like Canada and Vietnam which are also slowly easing their restrictions. (January 2023)*

Countries open for tourism without quarantine

Most of the countries in the world, at the moment, have opened their borders towards their guests. You can now travel to countries such as Mexico, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece, and the United Kingdom without quarantining after the arrival. *

Which country can you travel to unvaccinated?

If patients are still unvaccinated in 2023, finding a place to travel might be extremely difficult for them as most places require proof of vaccination to even enter. Nonetheless, they can still travel to countries such as Mexico, Norway, Costa Rica, El Salvador and so on. If you wish to visit other countries without getting fully vaccinated they will be required to quarantine.

Countries accepting UK (British) tourists

Travellers can travel to Brazil, Mexico, The Bahamas, Norway, Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Romania, Morocco, Greece without any kind of covid-19 restrictions. However, to visit countries like the USA, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt and a few others they will have to get a PCR test. Countries like Ireland, Russia, Thailand require them to be quarantined after arrival.*