Travel Health Update

About the course

Purchased online through M A Training Enterprise Ltd this course is designed by knowledgeable Practitioners who have experience in General Practice, Urgent Care and Travel Health.

It will consider your existing knowledge and explore ways of using your existing skills to manage more complex consultations.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is giving advice to travellers in primary care.

Why this course?

We use evidence-based practice to explore different situations that the traveller may present with. E.g (incomplete or late vaccines)

It is easy to access, can be learnt in your own time (must be completed within 6 months).

It will explore innovative ways of learning in a relaxed atmosphere.

We offer live support with a drop in forum once a month. technical support and email availability of tutors.

Take the course on a laptop, computer, or Smart Phone.

Content Includes

  • Infectious diseases and how they can impact the traveller.
  • Travel advice and immunisations for people with pre-existing conditions
  • Holiday Travel advice
  • Dangers of travel.
  • Mental health
  • Case studies
  • Certificate

Course should take about 2 hours to complete

Travel Health Update

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