Suitable for health care professionals who perform venepuncture in Primary Care

Taking this online course will not be in vein – actually it will be!

How to improve efficacy when taking blood

Considering Covid-19 and keeping staff and patients safe


    • Imporove knowledge of the risks associated with phlebotony
    • Increase safe practices and reduce bllod bourne virus exposure and transmission
    • Improve patient confidence and comfort
    • Improve the quality of labororatory tests
    • The most common use of blood sampling is for laborotory tests for clinical management and health assesment


  • An awareness of the venepuncture technique
  • Identify potential dangers and complications of these invasive techniques
  • Understand the vascular and neurological anatomy of the arm
  • The order of draw
  • Accountability and Legislation
  • Site Selection
  • Equipment
  • Potential Complications & Errors
  • Infection Control – Aseptic Technique- including Covid-19 guidelines
  • The Venepuncture Procedure

This will be a very interactive session which always has good feedback.

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