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Webinar’s for HCA’s, Nurses and other Health Care Professionals


M.A.Training are pleased to announce we are now providing webinar’s for updates and mandatory training.

First Choice for General Practice Nursing,  Minor Illness/ Injury and Urgent Care training For Non-Medical Prescribers, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses and HCA’s, Physician Associates and Pharmacists.

We have packages of mandatory training for organisations and individuals

How does the package work?
The webinars can be purchased individually or an organization may choose to buy a package to be used to purchase any of the webinars on offer.
Option 1 – An individual webinar can be purchased for £10 including access for 2 weeks and a certificate.
Option 2 – Our course webinar packages can be purchased :-

Up to 9 £10 per course

courses 10 – 49  £8 per course
courses 50-99  £5 per course
courses 100-499 £2 per course
courses 500-999 £1.69 per course
courses 1000+£ 1.49 per course

Examples of Webinars available tailored to Grade of Staff and Place of work.


• Fire Safety

• Health and Safety.
• Equality, Diversity and Human Rights.
• Infection, Prevention and Control.
• Manual Handling.
• Food Hygiene/Food Safety Awareness.
• Safeguarding Adults.
• Safeguarding Children.
• Code of Professional Conduct (in accordance with CQC and Skills for Care requirements)
• Understanding your Role and Responsibilities
• Confidentiality
• Care Planning and Record Keeping
• Handling violence and aggression
• Infection Control
• Equality and Diversity
• Spillages and body fluids
• Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Mental Health Act
• Learning Disability Awareness/Dementia Awareness
• NEWS 2

Updates :-
Womens Health Bitesize
Mens Health Bitesize
Childhood Immunisations
Dementia awareness
2 Day Core Immunisations
Rash Decisions
Non-medical Prescribing Update
ECG Update
Mental Capacity
Safeguarding Child
Infectious Diseases
Equality and Diversity And More.

Ask about pur easier ways to pay. To book or for further information email: info@matrainingenterprise.co.uk