Effective Consulting and Management of Young People

Course Overview

Presenting issues and/or problems can be very different for young people from Adults and Children. With good consultation skills and knowledge of them and their health care needs means we can manage their concerns effectively and with trust.

This 2 day live online course delivered by Dr Priscilla Norgren who specialises in sexual health/contraception and issues affecting young people and Annette Bradley (ANP, NMC registered Tutor) is packed with knowledge and tools that can be used by you to manage conditions and issues experienced by young people. We use traditional methods of management alongside NLP techniques to make a difference.

Key Learning Points

  • To explore communication and history taking skills when consulting with a young person
  • To gain knowledge of common conditions presenting in Primary care.
  • Managing common conditions
  • Explore anxiety in young people and how they can manage it.
  • Discussing tools that you can give to a young person to help them reduce anxiety.


Content Includes

How to adapt consultation skills for a young person.

History taking

Problems or questions related to sexual health.

Problems or questions related to contraception/menstruation.

Young people with long term conditions

Minor illness with large impact e.g. Acne

Promoting self-examination

Gender and sexuality

Management of Anxiety in young people.


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