Non-Medical Prescribing update

About the course

Delivered live on-line by knowledgeable Practitioners who have experience in General Practice, Urgent Care and non-medical prescribing.

Covid-19 has proven an incredibly challenging time for Health Care Professionals, especially non-medical prescribers. This will be reflected in this interactive course where you will explore updated information about when to prescribe and when not to prescribe.

You will explore ways of using your skills to adapt to the different challenges and ways of working that we are faced with now

Why this course?

Prescribing is part of a full consultation, assessment, and diagnosis. This course takes a personalised approach to patient care, with tools to use in your everyday practice.

It is important to explore the legalities of a new way of working.

It will explore innovative ways of working in a relaxed atmosphere.

Learn in the company of peers in a similar situation.

We offer IT support during the session

Attend the course on a laptop, computer, or Smart Phone.

Content Includes

  • Accountability when Prescribing
  • Polypharmacy and deprescribing
  • Carrying out a medication review.
  • Alternative methods for pain control
  • Anticholinergic burden.
  • Cost effective prescribing.
  • Common uses and side effects/contra indications of medicines
  • Case studies for discussion.

Certificate on completion